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Come and relax on the Far South Coast

Are you on the NDIS, living with a mental health diagnosis and desiring to have a holiday at the beach?


South Coast Leisure Program staff have years of experience in assisting people living with a  mental health diagnosis on their holidays. We work with you and for you, to assist with booking your accommodation, transport, and the right level of support for your holiday.

Having an annual holiday has some powerful positive benefits for our mental health. A holiday can represent a much-needed departure from our regular obligations and responsibilities.

Having time on a vacation can offer us the opportunity to experience some leisurely pursuits, like swimming, walking on the beach, spending time in nature or visiting a museum. And don't forget about the different food and drinks you can indulge in.

It is a lot easier than you may think to utilise your NDIS package towards your holidays.


Being away with someone new also gives you the chance to create your holiday for you.


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