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Ocean Views at Bar Beach


Q: Do I get any free time?

A: The beauty of traveling with South Coast Leisure is that we encourage you to do things at your own pace. We will talk with you about how you would like to spend your days. This may include having as much or little free time as you like. Most people like to sleep in, have some quiet time in the morning and make their own breakfast, then text us a time to come pick them up to do activities.

Q: What is the meal policy?

A: We usually do a mixture of meals, we will take you to the supermarket to purchase cereal/bread/yogurt etc. for your breakfast (you will be responsible for preparing your own breakfast as the accommodation has a kitchen).

Lunch will be provided and again some things can be purchased at the supermarket so you can make your own lunch or we will provide BBQ lunch or picnics if we will be on outings at lunchtime.

Dinners - we may cook for you or you can prepare your own meals or we may eat out at a restaurant. 

** Limits are placed on restaurant meals of $40 for food and soft drink and no more than 3 dinners out per 7 day holiday (note: we do not provide alcohol, you may choose to pay extra for meals and drinks over $40). 

*** Guests must pay for their own meals.

**** You will be require to purchase your own snacks, treats, ice-creams etc. 


Q: How do I cancel my booking?

A: Cancellation must be made in writing (emails are accepted). Please refer to our cancellation policy. Funding for holidays must be available prior to booking. This can be confirmed by sending our quote to your plan manager or support coordinator for acceptance. You may cancel at anytime 60 days before your holiday and receive a full refund. If you cancel within 59-30 days of your holiday a 50% refund applies. Within 29 days of your scheduled holiday, a refund of only 25% will apply.

Q: Can I opt out of certain activities if I want to?

A: Absolutely. As it is your holiday all activities are optional. If you wish to change your mind and do another activity longer or again, this is up to you, or you can do your own thing instead. The itinerary is set by you and can be changed at any time (most people don't set an itinerary, we just work out what you feel like doing on the day). Boating/fishing activities are subject to the weather and safety,

Q: Can I move my booking to a future date?

​A: Moving your booking to a future date depends on our refund policy. You may also contact us to ask for a date change.

Q: Where is the accommodation?

A:  The units are on 'Fishpen' in Merimbula 

They have one unit with disability access as well as other self-contained units.

There is a swimming pool, reverse cycle air-conditioning and all units overlook the lake. It is a short walk around the lake to the town centre, coffee shop is a couple of blocks away and service station is within 500m. 5min walk to the beach.

Q: What do I need to do before the holiday?

A: Either you or your support  co-ordinator should contact us to have a chat and obtain a quote and set some dates. 

Have a question we haven't answered? Get in touch.

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