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There is nothing quite like laying on a beautiful sandy beach with the warm waves softly rolling onshore, and a cool breeze blowing the trees, swimming in the beach or lake, sun baking with your favourite book in your hand.


This is the South Coast – a most magical place to unwind!

Merimbula – Safe beach to swim in. Usually small rolling waves which are good for body surfing or boogie boarding or just floating.

Pambula Beach – Similar to Merimbula but can sometimes have higher waves which makes it better for Boogie Boarding or Bodysurfing.

Ben Boyd – Pinnacles  – Usually we will have the whole beach to ourselves, it’s not suitable for swimming but offers tranquillity unlike other beaches, a great beach to relax or for walking on the beach and also offers a  short nature walk with stunning views. (1.1klm 20-40mins)

Tathra Beach - Tathra Beach stretches north to Mogareeka Inlet and Mimosa Rocks National Park. A good place to view visiting whales or spot the local wild life who love to visit the beach in the morning.

Eden Beach



Do you prefer sunsets or sunrises?

Swimming at the beach may not be for everyone, but eating is a must. Our packages include a picnics which can be had overlooking the beach or on the beach.


You can decide if it is for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

The South Coast offers a number of Beaches, depending on what you would like to do.

Image by Sixteen Miles Out
Hiking in Forest

Experiencing Nature

There are so many places to go to immerse yourself in the vibrations of nature. Feeling as one with the Australian bush or even visit a rain forest.

You may even wish to try Shinrin-yoku the Japanese practice of Forest Bathing.

Bush Walking - This link will show a number of places available and their distance. There is something for everyone.

Forest Bathing - Shinrin-yoku

Goodenia Rainforest Walking Track - Having a rain forest on the South Coast offers a unique experience.


Bittangabee - A rocky enclosed bay with a small, scenic beach,

Bittangabee Bay is an appealing spot to kick back and soak up

spectacular coastline views. Remote without being inaccessible, it

offers secluded swimming and fishing in a pristine natural

environment. We will bring a picnic lunch and a pair of binoculars

for a spot of bird watching and whale watching during the migration


Bittangabee Bay is easily accessible from Bittangabee campground,

and walkers will want to try Bittangabee Bay to Green Cape walk,

part of the iconic Light to Light walk. There are even nearby ruins for

history buffs, and an abundance of local wildlife for the naturalists.

Long-nosed bandicoots, wombats, brush-tailed possums, and lace

monitors all live in the area.

(Bittangabee is approx. 1h 15mins drive from Merimbula – 68klm around 15klms is dirt road and offers a 4x4 wheel drive experience)


Whale Watching

Our logo shows off the Humpback and the Southern Right Whales that migrate past Merimbula from September to November each year.

You can see them through binoculars or the telescope from land, or for an up close and personal experience we can arrange a professional charter cruise.

Image by Todd Cravens
Whale Watching


The South Coast is rich in history.

Green Cape Lighthouse is steeped in seafaring history. Discover heritage architecture and take in spectacular ocean views on wild and windy Green Cape. The spectacular and rugged coastline is a fantastic whale watching spot in spring.

Learn about disasters and survival, like the passenger ship Ly-ee-Moon, mysteriously wrecked below the lighthouse in 1886. Tombstones of those shipwrecked lie among the rolling green hills at the foot of the lighthouse.

Eden Killer Whale Museum - Find out about the story of Old Tom and how men and killer whales had a working relationship through the law of the tongue for over 10,000 years.


Jazz Festival

If you are a lover of Jazz this is one of the greatest events in Australia.

Merimbula hosts their jazz festival every June long weekend. Spots are limited.

The 10th-13th of June 2022 will be the 40th anniversary of the Merimbula Jazz festival.

Image by Jens Thekkeveettil
Jazz Fesival
Magic Mountain.jpg


For those who wish for a dash of adrenaline in their holiday,

Magic Mountain is for you.

If you enjoy a variety of rides & attractions that appeal to a wide range of ages. Whether it be the Water Slides, Toboggan Rides, the Sapphire Speedster Coaster, Crazy Car, Jumping Castle, Mini Golf, Magic Carpet, Grand Prix Cars, the Maze or the Tube Rider, there’s something for everyone!

Plus, there is a Tree Climb Challenge which is ticketed separately. It is 2 hours of fun in the trees above the park and offers stunning views of the Merimbula peninsula. There are 3 different courses to try with more than 30 challenges on offer!

Magic Mountain Merimbula is all about fun!

**Please refer to their calendar for open times.


Water Activities

Water sports

You can do a mixture of swimming, snorkelling (goggles provided), body boarding (body boards provided), body surfing.

I can take you on a boat ride up the river, out on Pambula lake or out in the ocean.

Fishing – We can do a mix of beach, ocean, lake, jetty, wharf or river fishing. All rods/gear supplied (I have 18 rods) or you can bring your own.

My boat is a 5.2m half cabin and we can go out everyday if you are keen (weather/swell permitting). We usually catch flathead and snapper out in the ocean.

Squid off the Merimbula wharf.

Sometimes queen or king fish or gummy sharks.

Salmon off the beach (cooked in a satay sauce - yummo).

Mitchies Jetty
Water Activities
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